The Jurupa oak

The oak tree known as Jurupa was recently discovered in southern California.
It has been alive for 13,000 years and survived the Ice Age.
It is oval in shape and measures about 25 per 8 metres, it expands at a rate of 2 millimetres per year and it is believed to be the oldest plant in the world.

Scientists discovered it in a very hostile habitat of hot, dry, rocky hills and initially classified it as a colony of trees.
However after careful genetic analyses, they realised that it is a single tree organism.

This incredible oak has survived numerous climatic changes and has seen many civilizations rise and fall. Its tenacity, its capacity to adapt, and its continuous expansion reflect the fundamental values of our company, and convinced us to adopt its name for our holding company: JURUPA Capital.

Its leaf and its dense crown, which consists of thousands of interwoven branches, also inspired the creation of our logo and the image of our own "organism".


Our holding company

JURUPA Capital is a financial holding company that invests in companies that have either the established or potential ability to generate significant cash flow and profits.

We select these companies by assessing the products and services they offer, their competitiveness and level of experience, and the skills and successes of their managers.

Wherever possible, and operating in a way that is conceptually similar to that of an incubator, JURUPA Capital manages and controls the companies in which it invests, providing them all with the basic services and infrastructure that will accelerate their development to the maximum.

Just as the Jurupa oak reproduces not by budding but by cloning, JURUPA Capital does not sell the companies in which it invests but develops and consolidates them, requiring them to adopt and respect its values and business ethics, which can be summed up in the phrase "complete client satisfaction".

Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi

Our modus operandi is clear, precise, and well-defined. We simplify and accelerate the growth process of the companies in which we invest, letting them concentrate on the quality of their products and services.

The management and personnel of JURUPA Capital work in close contact with the managers of the companies in which we invest, providing them with complete support. Their commercial, purchasing, and communication policies are all determined centrally, and their financial, administrative and accounting processes are also centralized. Their offices and IT systems are managed by JURUPA Capital as well.

This continuous, constant cooperation not only enhances relationships and understanding between individuals; it is also a key factor in the success of the firms in which we invest as well as of JURUPA Capital itself, helping us to consolidate out existing clients and acquire new ones.



The mission of JURUPA Capital is to increase its worth by investing in companies that have the ability to position themselves along with the best in their sector.

Whilst continuing to invest in our historic sectors of logistics (porterage, transportation and moving, hotel and industrial cleaning, and security), in recent years we have diversified significantly into other sectors such as energy efficiency (suppling LED products and ESCo services); the communication and marketing sector; and real estate alongside finance and property management.

Further information about the companies in which we have invested can be obtained by clicking on their logo and visiting their website.

Investments - Sapp



This consortium operates in logistics, transportation, moving and hotel and industrial cleaning, and has branches throughout Italy.


Founded in 2012

Investments - Pandoragreen



The company operates in the energy efficiency sector, particularly lighting. It manufactures and distributes technological devices such as LEDs and LEPs, and provides ESCo services.

Energy Efficiency

Founded in 2011

Investments - MITdesign


This company operates in communication and marketing, providing graphic design services, website design, apps design for tablets and smartphones, and offering online and offline marketing services.

Communication and Marketing

Founded in 2013

Investments - JProperties



The company operates in real estate carrying out investment activities to develop residential, commercial and industrial areas to propose to the market for lease or sale.

Real Estate

Founded in 2014

Investments - Stone Properties


Stone Properties

The company operates in real estate carrying out investment activities to develop residential, commercial and industrial areas to propose to the market for lease or sale.

Real Estate

Founded in 2011

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